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Okavango Delta 

Kalahari Explorer

Trillions and trillions of thanks to the Kavango River for running down from the forests of Angola’s highlands into the Kalahari Basin, and turning northern Kalahari into a land of abundance. There are numerous islands formed in the delta as the main channel diverts into many running like ‘Mboma’ – the Snake. Botswana has more mammals and bird varieties than anywhere in southern Africa as they live secluded from human touch on these islands and on the mainland around Khwai Zone. Aside from land safaris, boat trips in ancient carved-out canoes named as ‘Mokoro’ by the locals, scenic flights with small planes and helicopters as well as other light aircrafts are the highlights of these Delta expeditions.


Cape Buffalo and Elephant herds in large numbers, as well as other giants of the land and water channels, roam wild and free here. Endangered Wild Dogs/ Painted Wolves are present and alert at all times to hunt for their next meal. Leopard sightings are quite common while lion prides in large numbers as well as other carnivores of big and small sizes patrol their territory. Antelopes being at the top of the ‘list of prey act skittish most of the time. Birdlife becomes more abundant after September with the arriving of migratory species. The variety of feathers reaches its peak in the rainy season, for there is plenty of food – insects, and water.


Okavango is one of the heavenly places on Earth…

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