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Making Dreams Come True

Bora has owned and operated his own architectural design company for the past 20 years. During this period, he has successfully completed multiple design and application projects across the globe.  Concurrently had been working as a part-time visiting lecturer and an author for GEO Magazine till he has moved in Botswana.

His love for African Savanna and Wildlife has started after the very first day of camping in Kalahari years ago.

He is also a Dive Master; Emergency First-Aid Response Specialist; a wildlife and landscapes photography enthusiast with a gallery to fund wildlife conservation projects based in Kalahari Basin; and an active member of global organisation AFS Intercultural Programs.

Bora Mutlu​

Turning a Vision into Reality

Deniz has been working as a Management Consultant since 1997, with a particular focus on Human Resources, Talent Management, and Leadership Development.  After having worked in the world’s top two leading (Human Resources) organizational consulting companies for more than twenty years, now she is working as an entrepreneur and continues providing consulting and executive coaching to C-level executives across Europe-Middle East-Africa (EMEA) regions.

Deniz has a passion for people and the African plains.  She is a self-taught expert in ‘Bush Cooking’; and a great ‘leopard spotter’.

Deniz Ergene Mutlu
Deniz Ergene Mutlu copy.jpg

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Ras Munduu, being a Herero descendant herd boy is a highly seasoned professional guide who has 20+ years of experience accumulated first in Botswana Department Wildlife and National Parks in Central Kalahari where he grew up as well as in hospitality industry and the latest tourism trends within following years. He is a natural in hosting niche and a hands-on manager who has been personally involved in rallying staff, serving customers, and generally keeping everything running smoothly. 

He is passionate about elephants, predators and enjoys sharing his cultural knowledge. Ras is a seasoned tracker finding the wildlife you cant see, which Dr. Louis Liebenberg term it the ‘origin of citizen science tracking’. Ras is a Certified Safari Guide, both First Aid Response and Weapon-Rifle Handling Specialists in Bush (BQA - Level 3). 

Kamananisa ‘Ras’ Munduu
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