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Merubisi Safaris operates and offers exclusive safaris for only 4 guests on board in each expedition within a wide range of zones across Kalahari Basin and the Namib; from South Africa’s Karoo Region all the way up to Namibia’s Angola Border; from the Namib’s Skeleton Coast along the Atlantic Ocean in the east, to Zambia and Zimbabwe’s Pearl, the Victoria Falls in the west; from lush wetlands of Okavango Delta and Chobe-Zambezi Rivers to great plains of Salt Pans – The Makgadikgadi, Nxai and Sua, all the way down to red dunes of Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park; from Central Kalahari Game Reserve to the blooming flowers of Namaqua Land; from harsh and deep landscapes of Fish River Canyon to Great Kruger Area…

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