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Specialized expedition company for crafted wildlife and landscapes photographic and viewing safaris,

exclusively for 4 guests on board at a tıme

in and around the wet & arid regions of the two oldest lands on Earth: Kalahari Basin and Namib

Discover Your


Our operations are exclusive for only 4 guests on board for each expedition accompanied by an expedition leader-guide, an assistant guide, and a bush chef. To experience the core essence of this remarkable land and to get a true sense and feel for it, we mostly conduct mobile camping safaris. 

We bring the luxury of a permanent tented camp in our mobile camps in terms of comfort, food, and beverages.  Although we can never guarantee wildlife sightings, we can however, ensure excellent food with great atmosphere, and quality conversations around the ‘Single Channel Bush TV' - the Campfire, at the end of the day.

We enjoy playing with itineraries according to what you would like to see and experience. This is our main commitment. We call these customized safaris ‘Crafted Expeditions’. We know Southern Africa very well, having travelled extensively in and with our guide being a local; we know seasonal changes in weather and landscape conditions; we know animal behaviours… When you get in contact with MERUBISI SAFARIS, you will receive sincere honest answers and creative solutions, as the last thing we want would to do is mislead you.


In addition to our game drives on land, we can organize safaris in the air with hot-air balloons, helicopters, gyrocopters, microlights, scenic flight over Kalahari Basin and the Namib.

Speaking of Kalahari Basin, did you know that She stretches all the way from inland South Africa – The Karoo to all the way up to Etosha National Park of Namibia in the North West; from lush wetlands - Okavango Delta, Chobe and Zambezi Basin, Zambia’s Mighty Victoria Falls - to Central Kalahari, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Khaudum National Park, Salt Pans of Makgadikgadi, Nxai, and Sua/Sowa Pans in Central Botswana?..

Kalahari has been associated mostly with the word ‘Desert’ after Her name, She, in fact, embraces one of the most fertile and giving soils in Her bosom. She releases all her liveliness out even with a few drops of rain fall.

On the other hand, She can be unforgiving at the same time unless you respect Her.


Southern Africa’s Wildlife has been dependant on seasonal changes in search of food and water stimulating animal migrations for millions of years while Her landscape is there, solid for over a billion years.  It is a land where only two seasons reigns: Rainy Season and Dry Season… 

Unlike Northern Hemisphere, summer is in fact rainy as rains fall down in showers and on patches for short period of times along with breathtaking lightnings and powerful thunders. It is priceless to inhale the smell of soil, to see the joy in animal behavious, and to witness dominating pale yellows of vegetation immediately giving way to greens. Simply, it is a bundle of joy when it rains here.

Dry Season starts in May as the temperatures start falling down to milder degrees, even below zero early in the mornings. The air becomes crisp and fresh. Sunrises and Sunsets turn into a visual show with game of shadows and colours.

No matter what the season is, Kalahari Basin and the Namib offer 12 months, all year long wildlife and landscape experiences.


Have we mentioned the cultural heritages significant with tribal communities; San People, Himbas, Hereros?.. If you would like to see the connection of these ancient tribes, indigenous cultures of Southern Africa with Mother Nature, to understand how they cope with harsh and unforgiving conditions with what they are given, with considerably less, with what they have tested by experience, and how they have become respectful and wise, let us take you there to see it..

And good news… We will be stretching our range out to a bit, towards east and northwest direction:

Zambia’s South Luangwa and Kafue National Parks, and proudly Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools and Hwange National Parks…

Trust us; you will fall in love Africa with every Sunrise and Sunset as She, our mutual Motherland will rapidly difuse in your blood.

Thank you for reading and getting in contact with us. We will be waiting with our arms wide open to share our love of Africa with you…

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