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Caprivi game Park & Bwabwata National Park

Namib Explorer

When you look at a Map of Namibia and see a thin portion of land reaching towards the East, to Chobe, Victoria Falls, and the Zambezi to get its share from the land of plenty, that is Caprivi Strip.


Bwabwata National Park and Caprivi Game Park start from Mohembo Border Post at Namibia-Botswana Border,  taking Kavango River, the lifeline of Okavango Delta as its boundary. Until that very boundary, it is mostly drylands and forests, but Kavango turns everything around lush and resourceful. Low vegetation gets greener, trees get bigger and flourished, dry lands get marshy… Simply, where there is water in Africa, there are plenty of life forms.


Kavango with its wide channel attracts a variety of fauna; from smaller antelopes to large size mammals including Cape Buffalos and Elephants in dense herds as well as Roan and Sable Antelopes; Hippos to Crocs; Bigger Cats to Smaller Cats, from African Fish Eagles to other Raptors and Scavengers on land and with wings; and, from Small Birds to Large Water Birds.

Boat Safari on Kavango River is on top of the ‘Activities-to-Do’ list so that we can have better viewing and photographic opportunities for African Fish Eagles, Hippos and Crocodiles.

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