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Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Kalahari Explorer

When you look at the Map of Botswana, you will see a large patch of trapezoidal green in the middle; this is the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. It is the second biggest Nature Reserve/National Park in Africa and bigger than many countries in Europe.

It has been habitat for many species including Botswana’s indigenous San People, nomadic hunters and probably the descendants of our grand, grand, grand ancestors thousands of years ago.

Central Kalahari stretches all the way up from Salt Pans down to Khutse Game Reserve in the South. Although there are roads seen on maps, only a few dare to cross the whole reserve through soft sands where there is more unknown than not. Is it doable?  Of course, it is, and it would be an expedition of a lifetime.


Most of the known wildlife concentrates around Deception, Sunday, Tau and Piper Pans in the north where we mostly will focus on.


Central Kalahari is famous for Black-Maned Kalahari Lions. Cheetah sightings are common, as they scan great plains for springboks and other antelopes. Leopards are there, but elusive as their nature.

Have you ever seen a Bat-Eared Fox or a Cape Fox ? They will certainly put a smile on your face and so will Meerkat Families!

Endangered Brown Hyenas are always worth to look for while their spotted cousins are visible all the time. Scavengers, vultures soar high in skies of Central Kalahari. Kalahari is a raptor land with plenty of prey around; Mice, Ground squirrels, and their favourite prey - all varieties of snakes.

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