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Specialized Photographic and Videographic Expeditions

Tailor-Made Expeditions

We would like to remind one more time that our vehicles are for only 4 guests in each expedition; have spacious interior so that you don’t have to ‘sword fight’ with your telephoto zoom lenses; and the whole interior can be reorganized according to the number of participants (it can certainly be less than 4 people on board), documentary/videography team, and according to the equipment to be used for imaging. We have enough space inside the vehicle as well as tools for mounting the cameras down on the vehicle floor, at side glazings and pop-up roof.

  • Documentary and/or Publishing Productions;

  • Expeditions focusing on only one or a few regions, or an endemic-rare species for spesific shoots;

  • Personal Expeditions;

  • Launching and Promoting of a New Camera and/or Lens;


Well, you name it; and we will mobilize our best…

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