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Victoria Falls is surrounded by nature reserves; Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park of Zambia and Victoria Falls National Park of Zimbabwe. Both reserves are open to visitors for daily activities, hiking in the first place with several route paths starting from entrance gates, passing through a sub-tropical jungle, and reaching to a number of viewpoints to enjoy and photograph the scenery of the Falls First and Main Gorge with the mist, spray and multiple rainbows at eye level.

Hiking activities can be done all year long. However, please note that water levels are high between April to August as it may get really impossible to get a clear shot of the gorge because of the mist and spray dramatically decreasing the visibility, however giving the Falls a more sublime look with the water thundering down. Do not forget to bring a good raincoat as well as waterproof covers for your cameras.


August and Early September are perhaps the best time to visit the Falls for photographic purposes when the mist and spray are considerably less and the visibility is much much better. However, you may still hold on to your raincoats.

Towards the end of the dry season, from October to January, Victoria Falls, unfortunately, loses the charm due to a dramatic decrease in water levels and currents as it looks naked with only a few numbers of boiling points pouring down.

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