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Khama Rhino Reserve

Kalahari Explorer

Carrying the name of Founding Father of the Republic of Botswana - Sir Seretse Khama, Khama Rhino Reserve is a Community-based wildlife conservation and eco-tourism development area. It is also called a ‘sanctuary’, and you will see a variety of animals, especially endangered Black and White Rhinos along with a variety of herbivores (mostly antelope species) roaming wild and free.


It is a highly protected 9,000-hectare area where the main goal is to enable safe breeding of rhinos. Thanks to the Department of Wildlife and State Officials brilliant idea, rhinos are then relocated to deeper zones in the Okavango Delta which are mostly inaccessible for humans, most importantly poachers. The state of Botswana with its citizens show ‘Zero tolerance’ to any kind of poaching activity.


Khama Rhino Reserve is a habitat for not only rhinos but Burchell Zebras, Kudus, Elands, Oryx, Springboks and Steenboks. LeopradsBlack-Backed Jackals and Rock Pythons are the only predatory animals within the park.

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