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Lake Ngami - Maun

Kalahari Explorer

Ngami is a lake or actually a wetland to be correct, which gets most of its water during rainy season (January to May) when water levels dramatically increase in and around the Okavango Delta which lies in the north, not far from lake basin.

It is a Community-trust based conservation area surrounded by cattle farms, and home to many herbivores roaming wild and free. However, what makes Lake Ngami special is the birdlife with the presence of water that attracts a wide spectrum of bird species from September to April, mid-dry season to the end of rainy season.

You would never believe the number of Queleas here, as they may even cause a solar eclipse when they are all airborne. Lake Ngami is simply a beautiful, beautiful place with numerous chirping sounds and formation flight of thousands in harmony at sunrise and sunsets, water reflections, long reeds as well as surrounding rich vegetation… 

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