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Savuti & Linyanti Channels

Kalahari Explorer

Savuti and Linyanti are in the Southwestern section of Chobe National Park. Both locations are a half-way distance from Moremi Game Reserve (Gateway to Okavango Delta) and Chobe National Park which makes them a very resourceful stop-over point. Especially because the drive from Chobe side to here through Chobe Forest Reserve is extremely scenic.

They are both inland, however, some of the channels of Khwai River (a branch of Kavango River) reaches down to Savuti and Linyanti Channels. There are large open areas, mostly marshland dominated by marsh pride lions.


Leopards and Cheetahs do exist however, they tend to stay elusive during the daytime. There are two African Wild Dog / Painted Wolf packs in Savuti and Linyanti Zones. Gigantic elephants and giraffe herds come together around the waterholes in open lands as well as other mammals. During some seasons only the variety of bird species is limited.

Roan and Sable Antelopes have started to be regularly seen lately which is wonderful news.


It is always possible and exciting to hear the roars of marsh pride lions and trumpet sounds of matriarchs and big male elephants in reply to them when the night falls.

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