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Skeleton Coast & Dorob National Parks

Namib Explorer

Dorob National Park lies in the north of Swakopmund with several major attractions stretching along the road towards Torra and Terrace Bay of the Skeleton Coast where the civilization considerably diminishes and the complete isolated sands of Namib begins. These are Henties Bay, Mile 72, White Lady Salt Pan, Cape Cross Bay, Bocock’s Bay, and Mile 108.

Seal colonies and Flamingos congregating in large numbers are the primary living inhabitants. Leopards might be preying on seal pups during nursing seasons. The non-living ones are a number of shipwrecks signifying why this region is called the Skeleton Coast. Namib’s Coastal Waters can be as unforgiving as the land itself.

There have been reports lately on only a handful of the famous Namib Desert Lions

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