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Waterberg Plateau National Park

Namib Explorer

This is a Nature Reserve named after the rocky flat-top aka table mountain rising 200 meters above the acacia thorn tree vegetated floor – The Waterberg.

Although Cape Town’s famous Table Mountain is taller but looks tiny compared to Waterberg in length and width, for we are talking a massive flat ridge of 50 kilometres in length and 16 kilometres in width.

It is not only hikers’ paradise, but a reserve with a wide variety of fauna as well. Hiking up to the top is considerably easy, and the view to surrounding landscape is spectacular. We are not talking about Everest here, but you will certainly feel as if you are at the top of the world with great plains stretching flat in each direction towards the horizon.

Waterberg is home to Antelopes in big and small sizes, Zebras, Giraffes, and Cape Buffalos. It is one of the few locations where Cape Buffalos congregate in large herds and give good sightings at waterholes enriched with hides for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers-videographers. The highlight of wildlife sightings is Black and White Rhinos introduced to this reserve more than 30 years ago. They live peacefully on top of the highly protected flat-top mountain. There is quite a number of Baboons and Vervet Monkeys within the reserve which attracts leopards. They are elusive big cats, but they are there.

Add-on one or two days to visit indigenous Herero Villages nearby or within the reserve. Hereros are one of the major ethnic groups of Namibia. Their daily outfits and life have lots to tell.

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