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Bungee Jumping, Gorge Swing & Zipline

Victoria Falls Adrenalin Rush

3… 2… 1… Bungee!..

It all starts with this call from your guide on the platform right at the mid-point of Livingstone Bridge on the Second Gorge of Victoria Falls. It is a downfall of 111 meters, and what makes this bungee jump more special than the others, even higher ones across the world, is that you will be looking at one of the Nature Wonders at a point on a very special bridge where two countries meet, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is ‘Pure Adrenalin Rush’…

There are other options of leaving yourself in the laws of gravity and physics unless you manage to prepare yourself mentally for a head-down fall: The Swing and The Zipline…

Swing, tied to the cord on the safety jacket’s chest, may help returning to your childhood with this Gigantic Pendulum. A tip, we believe it is more fun than the Bungee.

Well, if you believe you are faint-hearted for Bungee and Swing, you are welcome to try the zip-line over the Fall Gorge, the fastest way of border crossing from Zimbabwe to Zambia.

Take a look at images and the clips below, and start mentally preparing today for your ‘flight’.

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