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Zambezi Sundowner Boat Trips

Victoria Falls Adrenalin Rush

Although the main topic was ‘Victoria Falls Adrenalin Rush’, Boat Trips on Zambezi River has nothing to do with adrenalin unless the captain fails to spot a Giant African Elephant grazing in the river ahead or come disturbingly close to a Dominant Male Hippo; but, it is the perfect way to end a Victoria Falls Day perhaps spent engaging in a few adrenalin involved activities and with the gorgeous colours highlighted by the final rays just before the sunset.

Zambezi River is one of the main lifelines of Southern Africa which attracts wildlife. Chances of wildlife sightings are greater than on a land safari along the river. Elephants crossing the river as hopping on and off the islands, Hippos in large numbers, Crocs enjoying the warmth of the ending day on the riverbank, perhaps a strolling Leopard or a Pride of Lions quenching their thirst before the night falls and grazing Aquatic Antelopes are possible sightings.


What makes a Boat Safari on Zambezi River special is the rich birdlife including Raptors that feed on fish. Zambezi is home to numerous African Fish Eagles as well as rare and elusive Pel’s Fishing Owl. Migratory Birds join others starting from September to make the riverbanks more lively. Marsh-Water Birds in large sizes are stationary and frequent visitors: Pelicans, Geese, Ducks, Storks… Colourful Bea-Eaters nest in on the riverbank soils as the water levels start dropping day by day.  

Boat Trips are conducted in two types of vessels: Big Boats and Speed Boats…

Big Boats sail gently on the Zambezi and have dining and drinking facilities on board. You can take a comfy seat overlooking the riverbank enjoying the final hours and colours of the day. Sunsets in Victoria Falls over Zambezi is never disappointing.


Speed Boats are necessary when you wish to discover the deeper parts of the Zambezi where human settlements are scarce. It is a much better option with flexible manoeuvring features when you are after ‘Birding’ as in small and exclusive groups.

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