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Chobe National Park

Kalahari Explorer

Together with Okavango Delta, Chobe River is one of the lifelines of Southern Africa. Four countries (Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe) meet here in Kasane, divided by the Chobe River. Chobe National Park is well known for the largest elephant herds of Africa. They frequently swim to and from Namibia with other wetland animals such as hippos and crocodiles through Sedudu/Sidudu Island meaning ‘Lots of Hippos’. In addition to elephants, Cape Buffalo herds of up to 500 strong also roam the wetlands. These herds attract lion prides while other big cats are often seen in the wildlife reserves.


Red Lechwes also known as Reedbucks and Waterbucks along with other antelopes like Kudu, Impalas share the marsh fields stretching wide open to Namibia across the Chobe River.  African Fish Eagles are very common here; so are other raptor species. Mainly the presence of rich water sources helps all kinds of mammals and reptiles congregate along the riverbanks. Birdlife becomes more active starting from September.


Boat rides or rather ‘Boat Safaris’ are a must!.. It can be half day or extended to a full day if you choose so. Sunsets are always a fantastic treat, especially when experienced from the boat...

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