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Chobe National Park

Wildlife Wanderer

Wildlife Enthusiasts are hardly ever disappointed by Chobe National Park! Chobe River and its Mother – The Zambezi creates an immense size of rich bio-diversity habitat. This is a unique location where four countries (Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe) meet. It wouldn’t be misleading to count Angola in as well, as whose lush highland forest reserves are not very far from Caprivi Strip respectively from Chobe.

Wild animals, birds and reptiles frequently visit Chobe River from all directions. Just like the Okavango Delta, Chobe is another lifeline in Southern Africa. It is hard to believe that it lies in the Kalahari Basin which is mostly associated with ‘dry-arid lands’;

Herbivores in smaller sizes are plenty, as they attract all kinds of predators, let’s say carnivores from upper and top spots of the Food Chain. Speaking of herbivores, the biggest Elephant and Cape Buffalo herds roam here. Needless to mention the number of Hippos and Crocs…

Fish is evidently plenty; so are African Fish Eagles and other water birds that feed also on fish. Bird population dramatically increases with September when the migratory birds start arriving in groups and blending with the non-migratory relatives.

Aside from Land Safaris, a Boat Safari  as either half day or full day expedition is perhaps the best way to perceive Chobe. Would you like to see a Giant African Elephant crossing to Namibia in ‘submarine mode’?..

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