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Savuti & Linyanti Channels

Wildlife Wanderer

The Savuti and Linyanti Zone is not only a valuable stop-over location at mid-way from Chobe and Okavango but also a great location for wildlife enthusiasts in the first place as well.

Lions come in as big prides which are known as ‘Marsh Prides’. There are two Wild Dog Packs in healthy numbers, as the population of small antelopes as their favourite prey is plenty. They both do dominate the plains, by lying in between large patches of green corridors. This is why other big cats, cheetahs, and leopards tend to stay elusive. However, leopards of Savuti and Linyanti somehow have learned to catch catfish when both channels start drying out in dry season, which could undoubtedly be a highlight of a Wildlife Wanderer Expedition.

Elephants, Cape Buffalos and Lions fight over the possession of several waterholes within the pans. Giraffes in large numbers strike poses in open fields…


Good news is that Roan and Sable Antelopes have started to be regularly seen lately roaming with other big antelopes such as Kudu.

Another good news is that Savuti and Linyanti don't ever get inaccessible during the rainy season (December-January to May) as Savannah life becomes lush and abundant which makes both a good location to visit within this period on route from Chobe National Park.

Also, Savuti and Linyanti offer wonderful raptor sightings all year long as well as scavenger birds, although the other bird life of smaller size is considerably less when compared to Chobe and Okavango Delta.

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