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Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Wildlife Wanderer

Wildlife sightings mostly concentrate around pans and waterholes where animals visit on a daily basis. Antelopes such as Springbok, Steenbok, Wildebeest, Hartebeest, Kudu, Oryx, and Desert-Adapted Giraffes come down to the pans and fossil river beds for nutritious grass and leaves.

Scavenger Birds and mammals like Black-Backed Jackals follow the predators. When you see them perched on a branch in their numbers or hidden in shadows on the ground give a thorough look around, as the big cats might not be far.

Kalahari is a raptor land with plenty of prey around; Mice, Ground Squirrels, Cape Cobras, and Puff Adder Vipers.

Watching a Lanner Falcon hunting over small birds at waterholes is always a great display of animal athletics. Pygmy Falcons cannot be cuter to have a look at our Tailor-Made Raptor Expedition click here.


Both Central Kalahari Game Reserve and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park are great locations for wildlife sightings, especially during the rainy season (December-January to May) as well as mid of dry season (September to December). It may get really cold in winter months for Southern Africa (June-August) when animals tend to be less active to conserve preserve their energy.

Again we reiterate the fact that we have taken most of our best photos in Central Kalahari Game Reserve aka ‘CKGR’ and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park aka ‘KTP’ among wildlife enthusiasts.


In both reserves superb hunters are born and raised.

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