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Sharp vision, Piercing Talons, Powerful Beaks, Large Feathers… Who wouldn’t admire and respect Raptors?..

Kalahari Basin and Namib, with the wetlands and great plains are two major enormous size habitats for Raptors.

African Fish Eagles dominate the wetlands, Chobe and Okavango Delta where fish is plenty.


Martial Eagles, Tawny Eagles, Snake Eagles, Black-Shouldered Kites, Goshawks are always on the lookout perched on dry trees of Central Kalahari and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park scanning plains for mice, ground squirrels, meerkats, and snakes while Lanner Falcons, Red-Necked and Pygmy Falcons together with Kestrels display lightning speed attacks on smaller birds at waterholes. Needless to mention our beloved Owls… Chobe and Okavango wetlands are among the very few locations where Pel’s Fishing Owl is spotted. Harrier Hawk sightings are the highlights of Etosha… and the list goes on…


Let us take you to these nature reserves to discover the predators of skies. Before that, please keep in mind that the best time for Raptor Sightings is anytime between June to the end of August when most of the snakes are not active and in hibernation while the rodents are mostly underground due to low day and night temperatures. Birdlife is more active in rainy season (February to May) when wetlands and marshes are full of water, fish, small reptiles and insects that attract smaller birds and Raptors who are after them… The Number One Rule of the Food Chain…

Best raptor Locations

Chobe National Park 

Nata Bird Sanctuary

Caprivi Strip

Okavango Delta 

Etosha National Park

Victoria Falls

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