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Okavango Delta - Moremi Game Reserve & Khwai Zone

Wildlife Wanderer

Water- the source of all life, is plenty in Okavango, thanks to the Kavango River that runs from the highlands of Angola through Namibia’s Caprivi Strip and Botswana’s Shakawe area as in one big channel, and gets divided into many tributaries, diffusing through the sands of Kalahari Basin. This is why Okavango Delta and its gateway at Khwai Area are not only a habitat for numerous animal species but attracts many more during dry seasons by annual migrations.

Wildlife is abundant in the Delta all around on land, the skies and waters. Elephant and Cape Buffalo Herds in large numbers, Antelopes including aquatic ones, Zebras to Giraffes, Hippos to Crocs, Scavengers, Big Cats and Small Cats, Endangered Wild Dogs, Aquatic Large Birds to Smaller Birds.

Okavango simply is one of the heavenly spots on Earth.

Certain zones close to ponds and channels  are difficultly accessible by land during the rainy season (December-January to May) due to the rising level of waters. However, we have other solutions such as boat and traditional ‘Mokoro’ safaris, air safaris with a helicopter, small plane, and other light aircraft.

Central Kalahari Game Reserve and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, during the rainy season between December-January to May, these two locations reach their liveliest mood by means of wildlife sightings as yellow grass turns to green, herbivores and predators become more active during the daytime.

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