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Makgadikgadi and Nxai Pan National Parks

 Kalahari Explorer

Kubu aka Lekubu Island & Sua Pan

Kalahari Explorer

Kubu Island or Lekubu as locals call it is one of the sacred places for indigenous San People (Bushmen) in Botswana. She lies on the edge of Sua/Sowa Salt Pan surrounded by salt flats which were once an ocean.  She is home to multiple thousand-year-old Baobab Trees congregated in their hundreds, emerging out of granite rock formations. In fact, several the oldest Baobab Trees in Africa are found here.

Sunrise and Sunsets in Kubu Island are breath-taking; so is the Milky Way, for stargazing at night time. The sky is so clear, pollution and humidity-free even a Full Moon can hardly curtain the light of the stars. Oh, and when there is Full Moon, the majestic Baobabs look even more sublime as if there is a layer of snow blanketing them.

Hiking activities, sunbathing on the pan, sunrise and sunset viewing, discovering Baobabs and other flora, star or moon gazing at night, this is the place to do it in the most peaceful way - just as nature intended.

There is not much in the way of wildlife here except reptiles, insects, and rodents. However, imagine a herd of elephants jiggly walking across the horizon like a mirage, and imagine this happening at sunrise. Wouldn’t it be a life changing experience - just picture perfect!

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