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Mabuasehube Game Reserve

Kalahari Explorer

Mabuasehube Game Reserve is the Western portion of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (KTP) that lies on Botswana Side, and one of the two gates to KTP with the Kaa Gate which is in the North.

The terrain is significant with several pans: Mabuasehube, Mpayathutlwa, Leholoago, Khiding, Boshobogolo, and Monamodi. Some of these pans have man-made boreholes (water hole) which attract animals to quench their thirst in the dry season (June – November) while providing nutritious grass enriched by the salt, which in turn makes these animals special by adapting to feed on salty grass as well as drinking salty water.

However, Mabuasehube Game Reserve and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park become extremely lively during the rainy season (January – May) when rains come down in rapid showers accompanied by thunderstorms in the afternoons. Open blue skies suddenly give way to bundles of clouds, and the show begins. White clouds turn into grey as the wind picks up, lightning illuminates the dark sky and thunderstorms shake the grounds, buckets of water pour down, and rainbows connect the ground and the clouds… It can be ‘scary beautiful’, as you feel small by the immense power of Mother Nature. It smells wonderful in the Kalahari after the rain; fresh and crisp…

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