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Nata Bird Sanctuary

Kalahari Explorer

Nata Bird Sanctuary is another community-based wildlife conservation and eco-tourism development area at mid-way from Chobe-Kasane and Gaborone right on the mouth of Nata River and eastern boundary of Sua aka Sowa Pan. Significant bird species are Pelicans and especially Flamingos in very large numbers which migrate to Nata during winter-dry months for mating. However, the best time to be in Nata is during rainy season from (January to April) when the water and food is plenty. There are 165 Non-Migratory and Migratory Bird Species counted up today including large raptors, African Fish Eagle, Martial Eagle, and Snake Eagles as well as small size ones. Aside from a wide range of bird species, Sua Pan offers great photographic opportunities with its endless salt plains and gorgeous sunrise and sunsets.

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