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Microlight / Helicopter Flight over the Falls and in the Gorge

Victoria Falls Adrenalin Rush

We believe any sort of flying is special; however, it gets exceptionally special over the Victoria Falls and sometimes over, sometimes in Her zigzagged-gorges.

If you wish to see one of the 7 Nature Wonders of the Planet and the Dance of Rainbows from above, two aircraft options: Microlight and Helicopter.

Microlight as being one of the safest flying devices gives you the freedom of feeling the air and raw sighting free of any transparent partition between you and the spectacle. Helicopter Flight, on the other hand, gives you the chance of ‘hovering’ in low flight mode within the Fall Gorges. 

Unfortunately, please note that personal photography is not allowed on a microlight flight in order not to jeopardize the flight safety with loose camera straps or pod sticks that may run into the propeller behind the passenger seat while it is permitted in helicopter cabin.

In case you are not interested in any kind of personal imaging, but enjoying the moment; both aircraft have embedded cameras to capture the magical moments and sceneries on your behalf.

All you need is to decide 15 minutes of flying experience or 30, or more!

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