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Palmwag, Damaraland

Namib Explorer

When you reach the civilized frontier of Skeleton Coast at Torra Bay you turn right towards inland through Torra Conservancy; or, from inland, Kamanjab or Khorixas roads towards the Atlantic as you pass the canyons through Etendeka Mountains, you reach a heavenly place called Palmwag.

This is, in fact, one of the significant oasis in Namib with palm trees. The terrain is covered with copper coloured stones in ‘bowling size’ and most of the vegetation is of Euphorbia Damarana aka ‘Damarana Milk-Bush’ as well as Acacia and Matopi Trees.

Etendeka means ‘Flat-Top’ in Herero Language. Damaraland was once an enormous lava field which collapsed due to sudden cool-down as some of the large portions got hard crusted long before the rest which formed these significant heights.

There are three canyons in Palmwag Concession where natural springs come to surface and become a life source for the fauna: Barab, Aub, and Kwahab.  Harsh conditions reign over the terrain almost all year long while carnivores, herbivores, and the vegetation react with all their adaptive skills.


Highlights of Damaraland Wildlife Sightings are Desert Elephants, Desert Lions, Desert Rhinos, Desert Giraffes and Hartmann’s Mountain Zebras. There are only a handful of these amazing creatures, so any sighting is a very unique and privileged experience.

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