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Photography Workshops

Tailor-Made Expeditions

If you are a group of 4 wildlife and/or landscape photography enthusiasts, or would like to join in a group formed by different individuals, from different corners of the world, and share-exchange your experiences among each other, we have a few ideas that will turn an expedition into a series of workshops as well.

It is certainly possible to rearrange one of the bulk tents as a dark room equipped with a large screen and an HD/UltraHD Projector Device for presentations and tutorials in campgrounds or choose lodges to stay on our routes with certain specific facilities.

In addition to that, we may invite professional photographers in our network who are based in Kalahari Basin and Namib as well as from overseas that know the regions, their fauna and flora very well, and who would love to share their knowledge, experience and techniques with our expeditions upon your request in advance.


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