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Swimming in Devil’s Pool

Victoria Falls Adrenalin Rush

Well, it is on top of our list not only due to the high level of adrenalin involved but also being possibly the only swimming activity at the edge of great waterfalls on the Planet…

It starts with a speed-boat ride from the river bank to Livingstone Island, the main island on Victoria Falls where Sir David Livingstone first looked over the beauty 164 years ago. Devil’s Pool is on the east corner of the island where the land ends on the very edge. Thanks to Livingstone Island and a series of rock formations around it the water flow diverts into two, creating considerably less current at this point. However, before reaching Devil’s Pool which can be described as a ‘Natural Jacuzzi’ not larger than 9 meters in diameter, you are asked to swim against the mild current a bit and then with the flow to step on the rocky bank surrounding the pool. When you are mentally ready, you may either slip gently in or take a plunge-feetfirst. You will be accompanied by extremely experienced guides, and the depth is safe.


You are not allowed to stand on the edge wall of the Fall, but sit and lie down straight looking down the Zambezi pouring down in thunder. Remember to be very careful when posing to your cameras which can be brought to the Pool in dry bags by the guides or waterproof ones that you may carry swimming along if you call yourself an advanced swimmer.

This thrilling activity can only be permitted when Zambezi water levels and currents decrease starting from the end of August till the rains arrive in January.


However, there is another pool, not very far from the west corner of Livingstone Island, and for you who plan to be in Victoria Falls around July and with strong desire to swim at the edge of a Great Fall: The Angel’s Pool… Some people believe Angel’s Pool experience is as exuberant as Devil’s Pool, and even more. Well, you don’t know unless you give it a go!

Swimming in Devil’s Pool and Angel’s Pool may be a relatively short time experience, however, the memories will be lifelong...

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