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White Water Rafting

Victoria Falls Adrenalin Rush

Zambezi is one of the five significant rivers on the planet, and the most remarkable one when it comes to White Water Rafting in Africa together with the Nile…

There are several rapids, 23 to be precise, with different degrees of difficulty (from 1-6) on the selection of starting points which is dictated by the intensity of water levels in certain months. The first 10 rapids are mostly skipped during and right after the rainy season (January-May), as they are classified as ‘Degree 7’ which is out of the scale and called as ‘Suicidal’ among White Water Enthusiasts.

Rapids to be covered are decided on daily basis by the expert guides by experience and by the fitness of rafting groups. It is not only the water levels, boiling points, hazardous rocks that are to be considered but also the ability to descend down and climb up the gorge on foot before and after the activity. 

June and July are the best months to select for rafters with experience while August to December when the water levels get lower and lower each day in dry season, is good for first timers however Zambezi still offers rapids with Degree 5 and the rocks become visible at boiling points. 


Would you like to try your body and mind skills, reflexes, ability to act as a group on rapids, ‘The Judgement Day’, ‘The Washing Machine’, ‘Oblivion’, ‘Stairway to Heaven’, ‘Devils Toilet Bowl’, ‘The Terminator’, and ‘Stairway to Heaven’?.. 

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